Lost both phono inputs in Marantz 3250B. All other inputs are fine

I lost both of my phono inputs on my Marantz 3250B but all of the other inputs are fine.  Absolutely no noise at all out of either phono inputs.  Already checked the 2SK147GR transistors and they are fine but replaced them anyway.  Still nothing out of phono inputs.  Help!!
Do you mean a 2250B?  Is there a local shop that can look at it and have you posted the question on Audiokarma? I think you will get more response there than on Audiogon. Or google can be your friend. 

Check input selector switch if it turns on phonostage first.
It might be short or loose.
Other than that refer to vinylengine, hifiengine or similar tech forums. You can also get some hands-on info on youtube.