Lossless Downloads

Ok, so apparently i was mistaken in my understanding that you can now download songs from itunes in a lossless format. I would like to start buying my music digitally and in a lossless format...where should i start?

I haven't downloaded from them yet, but I hear that Music Giants (http://www.musicgiants.com) has quite a selection of high definition downloads. I'm sure there will be many other recommendations, too. These are exciting times to be a music listener, with online music beginning to show its tremendous potential.

AIX records
Try HDtracks.

They have many labels available in Wav files with PDFs of the cover art.
iTunes does have a higher resolution format, but it is not available for their whole library. Look for "iTunes Plus" designation at the bottom of the selection description in the catalog. You can also select to view an "iTunes Plus" only version of the catalog on the iTunes Store home page.

These files are 256kbps versus 128 - about 10MB per song.

MusicGiants is another good choice.
In addition to HDtracks and MusicGiants you can also get lossless music from the following sources:



Musicgiants.com required an activex plugin (why is it needed?) and it didn't work on my Vista box and consequently - no download.
Wireless200, if you use IE, you should see a message at the top asking for your permission to install ActiveX control. If you say yes, it will automatically download and install ActiveX plugin needed for music download.

Sidssp... what player would you recommend for Mac OS X.5.4? If, for example, some of the Linn hi-res formats don't allow iTunes to play them.

The information and leads provided in the group is very interesting and appreciated!



I use iTunes on my Mac Mini. If you download 24/96 FLAC from Linn, you can use a free program called Max to convert FLAC to either AIFF or Apple Lossless and import them directly into iTunes. It works very well for me.

BTW, if you have an iPhone, you can now download a free program from Apple called Remote onto iPhone and use it to remote control iTunes playback, very cool.