Loss of digital signal...help

With my Pioneer Elite dvd recorder with Tivo plugged into my B&K avr307 using a digital coax cable, I lose sound when I change channels too slowly, or if I fast forward or rewind for too long. I then have to switch the receiver's remote control to a different source, and come back to SAT for it to work again. Any idea why the signal is lost?? This does not happen when I fast forward or rewind a dvd in my Sony 9000es dvd player (also connected with ditial cable)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
My guess is that the Pioneer / Tivo is not maintaining a constant signal. As such, the communications between that unit and the B&K is going out of lock. I would suggest contacting Pioneer and asking them what their thoughts on the subject are and then discussing this with B&K. Between the two of them, you might be able to come up with a solution. Sean
You might also try a different digital coax cable, or an optical cable and see if that holds the lock...
Post this same question on "avsforum.com"(under dvd recorders)and you'll know if other owners have had this same problem.
It is probably because not all TV programing has digital sound. In other words most commercials have analog sound and some other programming. When you are changing channels slowly, the preamp has more time to see there is no digital signal and loses it's lock. You should have analog outs connected also and set the preamp to auto select so it will detect the digital signal when present but still have analog sound when there is no digital.
When I had a B&K AVR 202 I had this problem (infrequently) with a toslink cable from my TIVO. I think the problem is on the B&K side, though I have no explanantion. After I replaced the b&K I never had the problem with my next processor.