Losing Touch

You know sometimes I feel that I have lost touch with why I have been into audio/music since the 70's. I have been sitting at my computer this morning doing a bunch of nothing when I opened up Tidal and started cruising the "Masters" listings. I have The Cars "Candy-O" playing right now through my Audioengine 5+ and sub. Damn what fun. Do I have it playing too loud? Yup. The MUSIC is wonderful. The quality is great. Isn't this what it is all about? Getting into it fully. "Candy-O I need you so." Had to share. Have a good listen. 
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I lost touch just about when the Cars released that album. Clearly remember transferring that record to a fresh TDK cassette for the car.Their debut album was fantastic at the time. Very "new" since LZ,Stones,Who...were essentially done.

Gave up records for CD's to play on the "rack" Technics system through the 80's while boycotting R&R after 1979!

The ironic thing is very little new music holds my interest now and I've collected plenty of 80-90's records in  genres I despised.
It DOESNT  include  the glam metal scene,rap or pop MTV had such an influence on back then.

Guess I'm doing the cycle of life thing. My lack of awareness in my young 20's would never consider Classical,Jazz and Blues in 1981. Now, those genres get most play on the record machine.

Currently blasting   a minty Led Zep debut on the table,and there's  21 vacuum tubes RED HOT.

Because Music is hard-wired in humans, audio can be a more compelling 
hobby than stamps or model trains .
Many of us have self -induced OCD.
Thanks for reminding me how much I like the Cars.  I'm having serious flashbacks!
I never stopped listening to The Cars, or Ric's solo stuff (which I prefer to The Cars stuff).  Exploring for new music has been an obsession of mine, even at the ripe old age of 57.  Internet radio has been a huge help in this.  I have recently discovered many new bands and singers, especially a lot of good, if obscure, EDM and Electronica.  If you like The Cars, you might like a lot of the newer Electronica, which has its roots in 80's synth rock.
To paraphrase an old F. Zappa album:

Shut Up and Play Your Music. ;)

Too often we get caught up in the pursuit of 'perfection' in the stack, the space, or the medium we play upon and in it.  It's good to take that break, pour that libation, sit down, and volume to 8.5+.  Theoretically that's why you started on the path and why you're Here Now. *G*

ENJOY...even if you still think it's got warts. *nudge* 
Well, I've been audiophile for about 50 years now. I'm 'losing touch' with a lot of music I've listened to at various points along the way. As a Christian my interest in music follows along the lines that if Christ was there in the listening room with me, would He and I feel comfortable with what was coming through the speakers. On this basis, I'm probably more interested and find the hobby more fulfilling than at any other time in my past. It makes all the difference in feeling affirmed and blessed. It provides a fundamental reason for desiring a system to be excellent as it is dedicated to pleasing the King.  
One can't help wondering if He can hear through the tape hiss and pops and clicks on LPs.

Brauser: I'm not going to be snarky. We all have our reasons... I will respect yours if you don't preach it to me. (I'm a Christian, but I try not to proselytize to strangers). Freedom = both the freedom *of* religion and the freedom *from* religion if you choose, in America.

That said, good music and hi-fi is a blessing, secular or otherwise. A gift, a pleasure, and a wonderful pastime. Cheers.
Ok brauser I'll bite.

What are His top 10 desert discs?
Will Like A Virgin be playing tomorrow on his ipod?
@brauser it is a Good one! Every time i admire "Gone to Earth" or "Octoberon" by Barclay James Harvest I wonder if my gentle and law-abiding dad (Communist) smirks at me from Heaven (his rules of conduct were as struct as you would imagine from the most devoted Catholics!) 
back to the original thread: I have a Tip! Get a boombox for under $100 and listen to Cars, Bee Gees, Enigma,... the way you listened as your younger self. I do not "get" Bee Gees or Enigma thru my hi-end, but $100 boombox with cassette recorded from CD is my "Time Machine". This does Not apply to my all-time fav Brahms under Bohm, I still have to figure this out...
Forgot to mention that my recent "enlightenment" of the beauties of analog cassettes happened upon my stambling  onto Stereo 2 Go forum. 
Can only speak for myself and observations of others over time. I enjoy putting mixers/playlists together and sharing with friends and family. There's some excellent music being recorded from Christian artists and I feel the heartfelt dedication coming through the recordings. I often mix secular music with the sacred (?) in that there are artists who have no profession of faith, but seem to be totally honest in there interpretation of life experiences. In fact, sometimes that honesty can be intensely moving and provides a path of Christian validation that could not be experienced by faith based artists alone. The tools of the audiophile are unique in that it provides a window to more clearly appreciate the artist's message. Having said that, though, I do agree that sometimes its rewarding to hear (especially) older music through a boom-box, public places or wherever.

"Forgot to mention that my recent "enlightenment" of the beauties of analog cassettes happened upon my stambling onto Stereo 2 Go forum"


So, do you think our Christian brothers took a look at the cover of the record on my original post? I'm just saying. Look, all I was posting about was enjoying the music without having gear anxiety. Do so. I don't care what you listen to.   
gareneau, I'm mostly a mau5 fan.  Not everything he's done, but I'm not a fan of Everything Anyone's Done. *L*  Since the advent of streamcasting and music servers like Spotify I can avoid buying a CD with only one or two selections that boat my float.  *G*
My mau5 picks are Arguru, Maths, and Prof. Griefers.  Play loud, obviously.  Knocks the dust off the woofers. ;)
Another good test for the woofs: What is This Love by Blue Rodeo.  The first 1:05 can rattle the walls if you want to see if the nails holding the pictures on them are firm. ;)
My playlist is 'eclectic', all over the board...*G*