Losing sleep...

Actually, it's not that bad. But I am needing some advice. I have a $3000 budget to upgrade my analog stuff and have it down to the VPI Scout/JMW9/Clearaudio Virtuoso + SDS OR a VPI Scoutmaster/JMW9/Clearaudio Virtuoso without the SDS. Both would cost about the same. Which one would people recommend?


My inclination would be to do the Scoutmaster as the SDS can always be added later if the need arises.
ok i'll play...i have a scout, and over on the asylum is the latest thread re: why sds is so important to just about any vpi table. you can pick one up here for about $700, which im probably going to do as my next upgrade. speed accuracy and clean power is probably as important as clean records. as you have read the scout out of the box is an amazing table, one that keeps getting better through play. while i don't doubt the scoutmaster to also be terrific, i wonder how much more terrific it will be. nobody has reviewed it yet, so kind of hard to judge. so i'll go in the opposite direction. go for the scout/sds package now, and wait on the scoutmaster until at least you're able to get a bit more "objective" info on it.

good luck!