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We talk about fixing the room constantly but couldn't the size and shape of the speakers be the problem?

I realize it is not economically feasible for manufacturers, but this could possibly relate to dyi folks.

For example a long narrow room with low ceilings would have speakers proportionate to the dimensions of the room. Smaller tweeters, drivers, with an enclosure mimicking the room. You would design the speakers to fit the room, instead of fixing the room. Start with the room as a extra enclosure.  Make sense?


I have a room that is 12' square with a window on one wall, a door opposite that, and two of the walls have angles to the upper 1/4 of them. All the walls and ceiling are horsehair plaster with 30" of blown in insulation above and 2-1/2 foam insulation on the walls with the angles. (It's a third floor room, roofline intrudes.) On the floor is 1/2" pad, thick plush carpeting over that, and a Berber rug over much of that.


I've tried two different floorstanders in the room, and did live with KEF LS50's in there for about a year. The floorstanders were overwhelming for the space. Now I'm running KEF Reference 1 speakers and they're the perfect fit for the room.


No offense, but your idea sounds a lot like the things I dream up after too much of something combustable.

Rock on dude.

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