Loricraft thread type


I would like to know what type thread the Loricraft machines use. I do not want to get it from Smart or Loricraft because $10 a spool is a bit much for the thread when I know I can buy it at the local fabric store for half that and without having to pay shipping either.
It is special thread and using anything off the shelf will ruin your Loricraft. I'm sure they will tell you the same thing. What kind of audiophile balks at paying 2-10 times the actual value of an item? You will be thrown out of the club. :) :) :) :) Seriously, I suggest trying any white cotton thread. It's cheap so you have nothing to lose. Good luck.
I know it is a nylon thread and we should not use cotton. But I want to know thickness or size.
It dought it will ruin the machine more like my records.
The thread that comes with the Loricraft is nylon. Cotton can leave fibers or static, and may carry dirt wicked into itself across a record. Let us know if you come across an inexpensive alternative nylon thread.

On a spool from Loricraft is this:

D 002
100 YDs
#521 Nylon R.W. white

Size D is .0104 inches in diameter
Pottstown, PA

Thanks Tim
You are both correct. Cotton should not be used (brain freeze). I have to believe a Gudebrod retailer or distributor can point you to the non-audiophile thread that is identical. Good luck.
Last year we went to 4 local fabric shops trying to find the Gudebrod thread or the equivalent. No luck, it's not retailed in our neck of the woods. Most thread that's thin enough is cotton, not a good choice.

We eventually googled it and found an online source somewhere. A dozen spools were much less than $10 apiece, though as Narrod said we had to cancel our audiophile membership cards!
Available at Cabelos. I bought it there for under $5/spool. I almost went nuts and bought it in red, but then I thought better of it and stayed with white.
I just ordered some thread for $3.10 a spool.
That seems a reasonable price - where did you order from? Thanks.

This a great thread about thread....
HI Tim

I am in Canada so i got it from an online store from the link you supplied. A fishing supply store. They use is it to wrap rods.

Thanks for everyones help!

I found some divergent information.

On another post, one where a gent built a DIY version of the Loricraft http://www.canuckaudiomart.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=12254 he advised type "A" equaled the 30 gauge specified on SmartDevices website.

Thus, I wonder if Size D @ .0104 as specified above, or Size "A" @ .006 is the correct diameter?

In this same thread, a poster advised the length available at SmartDevices was 1000 feet. I wonder if that is indeed the length available? If so, in perusing the spools available at Gudebrod, the only one to approximately equal 1000 yards is: "NCP® (nylon) 300 Yds." rather than the non NCP nylon thread.

Apparently the difference between NCP and non-NCP is: that "the color pigment in NCP® is preconditioned into a colorfast medium that resists the damaging effects of powerful epoxies and varnishes that break down the color pigment in regular Nylon thread".
Of course, it's possible that SmartDevices is buying in bulk (2K to approx. 5K feet spools are available) and is winding their own spools, to equal the 1,000 yards, but somehow, I doubt that is the case.

So I guess the questions are: should one use NCP or non-NCP, and then is type "D" or type "A" the appropriate diameter -- i.e., one that equals 30 gauge?

Or should one just pay the 10 bucks at SmartDevices and be done with it???
I'm the "gent" referred to above who made the post on canuckaudiomart. Unfortunately, I was mistaken about the thread sizes and size D is actually closer to 30 gauge.

It's all very confusing, and there seems to be several different standards for measuring thread thickness. I went to two local fly fishing stores and asked for 30 gauge nylon thread, and they looked at me like I was crazy. So I may have to order online as well.