Loricraft PRC3 Vibrating

My PRC3 is vibrating as the arm gets to the outer groove. This causes the arm to bounce slightly and results in some fluid not being vacuumed up. Can anyone suggest somewhere to get a Loricraft repaired? I'm on the west coast.
Hi, I've just gone through this issue a couple of days ago. After a lot of troubleshooting (cleaning procedures, leakage checks, alternative VTF) I fixed it by isolating it from the balcony it's sitting on. Now it's night/day, like purchasing a new machine. Give it a try, use some rubber balls (be sure to secure them) under, level it and put it in action. It should tell you if the machine needs repair or if the interaction between it and the desk it sits on is causing you trouble. I was suprised with how much of a deal isolation made here and also with the lack of users mentioning it in their experiences.
I would contact Smart Devices, the US Loricraft distributor. They were helpful when I had a problem with my PRC4
Thanks! I'll report back.
The isolation trick worked. I got squash balls and placed them under the unit near the existing feet and it works perfectly now! Thanks!