Loricraft and power cord upgrade?

I have had a Loricraft PRC4 vacuum cleaner for LPs for some time now. It really makes a dramatic difference in surface noise and brings to life old records that I thought were beyond hope.

Having changed my setup, I found myself with a spare AC cord (Iego using Furukawa OCC copper and quality connectors). So I asked, why not? I tried swapping it for the generic 16 gauge cord and vacuumed a record.

Now given that I only have one record for each album, it's hard to do controlled comparisons with respect to cleaning quality. But I think I hear a difference in the tone/noise of the motor and pump. Will it clean better? One wonders. It is a motor after all and although is not in the path of the stereo system, indirectly by acting on the LP surface, it can make a positive contribution. Is this too far-fetched?
For this hobby, no. For the real world, yes. :-)

We can convince ourselves of anything.

I have now heard it all !!!!!!!!!
I'm a big proponent of upgraded power cords, but even I find this one a reach.

But if it does make an improvement, I think you should try giving the Loricraft a Cryo treatment too. Then set it in a bed of Brilliant Pebbles, exactly 3.333 feet from a Clever Little Clock.

Listen closely- that's the sound of veils being lifted! Your jaw may hit the floor!
I think about putting my heavy Monks Odyssey onto a Vibraplane or MinusK.
I think, what's good for a turntable must be good for a RCM, too.
The cleaning fluid feels more comfortable in the grooves and the sucking device can track better :-)
1st of April has passed?
Have I missed it due to my power-cord letting me down?

So, I gave it a try on my domestic vacuum, and now my carpets have this veil lifted, and the music flows so much cleaner over them, wow.
Good stuff, man
You want to tell me that you have not yet tried a high-end power cord on your kettle? No?! I use a $5000 Kimber cable on my Kenwood and the tea just tastes out of this world. Airy with a firmer lows and more focussed highs. You should try it.
Lonestarsouth, I upgraded the powercord on my toaster to a shunyata python and plug that into a shunyata hydra 4. I think it is a waste unless I am toasting homemade english muffins, then I can really tell the difference in delicacy of taste and it really brings out the neuance of flavors. I am considering the teleportation tweak but am concerned about what it might do to my coffee pot.
Classic jazz, you kinda asked for this...
Only if used in conjunction with some shiny pebbles and crazy clocks.

And hot stampers.
I installed an aftermaket cord on my toaster.

After only 45 seconds I found it transformed my bread into a darker yet crisper presentation.
I run my PRC-3 over the frequency sweep tracks on the Cardas LP once a week. Helps clear the cobwebs out of the vacuum tube...

Classicjazz, did you cable cook the power cord before this experiment? You can't be too thorough.
Clearly what is going on is not any difference in motor performance resulting from the power cord change, but the difference in record magnetization effects.

By using the better power cord, you are reducing the electromagnetic field strength which surrounds it, as seen particularly near the edge of the record (that being the location on the record which is closest to the power cord, and which of course affects the critical opening passages of the music which will disproportionately influence listening impressions for many people).

That reduction, according to my calculations for typical dimensions, is roughly a change from 0.000000000012 newtons per coulomb to 0.000000000009 newtons per coulomb. The reduction in field strength at locations elsewhere on the record is smaller, but still non-zero, being inversely proportional to the square of the distance.

The result is a substantial net reduction in record magnetization, from typically 0.00000000000027 ergs per Gauss-centimeter cubed, to 0.000000000000015 ergs/G-cm^3. A plainly audible difference.


-- Al :)
It's all in good fun. I actually was curious what kind of response I would get. I was re-arranging the furniture and decided to move the RCM out of the living room for aesthetic reasons.I didn't realize it had a detachable power cord so I decided to muse online on the possibilities. I have not tried an upgraded power cord on it.

But you have given me ideas. What about the microwave? I'm also thinking my fridge, which buzzes all day long. Perhaps someone should open this market for upgraditis - I will be a fast follower if it works.
This thread is turning into an all time classic.
We should have that printed!
One of THE most deeply inspired and imagination-soaked offerings on A'gon to date?

Now, what makes a good (hi-end) power cord I wonder? Nitrogen filled, gold plated N6 copper, woven by Peruvian virgins?
If you just have a stock power cord on your TV and it will fit, try it on that instead.

By the way, thanks for your thread. I've been meaning to order an Iego IEC Inlet and kept forgetting about it. Thanks to your thread, I ordered it today.
Oh ja?!
>>> If you just have a stock power cord on your TV and it will fit, try it on that instead. <<<

No, no, we need the hi-end version for this, so the picture will clearly be 1 - 2 foot outside of the box, and the depth perception improved so it will shine out the corners much better.
Sound should also more easily lift of the TV so you can not hear there is a TV anywhere.

First things first I say.
dump it and get one of the newer Keith Monks units.
I think you're getting more current to the machine with the upgraded power cord than with the generic 16AWG stock. Thus, results in improved performance due to improved current flow. Whether or not additional upgrade to even better cord can bring is for you to find out and hopefully report on.
>>> I think you're getting more current to the machine with the upgraded power cord <<<
Then we should need a dedicated power line with a high-end circuit breaker also, lest all is in vain, hm.
BTW, I assume (and hope) everyone realizes that my post which appears a few posts up in this thread was entirely satirical, of marketing hype which tends to surround many high end power cords, and of certain other much-hyped vinyl-related tweaks.

-- Al
No man, don't say that! I'm a gonna cry now with disappoint, heck, no man.

Dang, now you got me wrecked.
An' I thought I learned something really deeply important here. All these power factors an' that stuff, man.

A. :-)
Thank you for posting this. I just ordered a PS Audio PW AC-10 cord for it.

I Will post my thoughts with it on my PRC-3.

we are getting some where here, as: "Less is more!"