Loricraft and Keith Monks

I am soliciting your experience with these record cleaners..same principles except for the automatic thread feeder in the Keith..
is this a critical feature and what else separate the 2 other than one is pricier than the other..
i have collected a significant newly released lps and wanting to get the best record cleaner ..
If you want the best, it is my opinion that you want the Monks... I have never USED one- but, the Loricraft is the same concept. The difference being that Monks offers a "one touch" experience, from what I understand. I however did not have the cash flow to dump 5k (approx) into a Monks, so I thought I would save 3k and but the Loricraft PRC-3. I assume that the Loricraft and Monks take more time per LP to clean than say a VPI machine. With the Loricraft you have to apply the fluid, and do the dust removal yourself.. I prefer this method though, as it gives me some time to chill and drink a beer while I clean my vinyl... it also allows me to have control over the fluid application, etc.

So, to make this shorter- I think if you have a record business or tons of income.. Monks is the way to go. Other than that... it is hard to pay 3k extra for that minor added convenience.

I had one of the first Keith Monks and sold it as too finicky. For years I had Nitty Gritty and then VPI cleaners, but then bought a Loricraft. It made my already cleaned LPs sound even cleaner.
Another option is the Odyssey RCM marketed by Auturo at Axiss Audio. below are links to view the one in my system:



It's superior to the Loricraft according to Lloyd Walker who owned and tested both. The Odyssey was certainly an improvement over my VPI 17F, which itself was a terrific LP cleaning machine.

Both the Loricraft and Odyssey (and I assume the Monks) are a blessing to clean records with, noise level is a fraction of that generated by VPI.