Lorez Alexandria

I haven't made a "new" discovery in years, I only make old discoveries that sound like new because I haven't heard them in years.

Lorez Alexandria has the "sultriest" voice of all the female vocalists. It's "smokey" with the tiniest bit of hoarseness. Right now she's singing to me personally, she didn't know what time it was until she met me. Judging from the sound of her voice, she's in her late twenties, maybe thirty; in the prime of her time.

Now she's lamenting about our breakup:

Softly as in a morning sunrise
The light of love comes stealing
Into a newborn day

Flaming with all the glow of sunrise
A burning kiss is sealing
A vow that all betray

For the passions that thrill love
And take you high to heaven
Are the passions that kill love
And let it fall to hell
So ends the story, and it began, "Softly As In a Morning Sunrise".

Yes, it was those same mad passions that took us high to heaven, which turned and slammed us to hell.

Although I'm willing to share Lorez, I prefer that you find your own female vocalist who floats your boat like she floats mine.
Thanks for the info on Nina. I have been looking for different albums by her. There are so freakin' many! I did get for Christmas a new CD boxset that has 9 of her RCA back catalog albums:


I also have gotten a few new vinyl reissues.

Thanks again for sharing Lorez Alexandria. I ordered a couple of her CDs.

Nina Simone was trained as a concert pianist. She was playing piano at a lounge in order to pay for her studies, when the owner told her she had to sing; and of course the rest is history.

The reason I mention this is because on her early albums, you got a double treat; she could play jazz piano as good as "Bud Powell", and she always included a couple of instrumentals. As time went by, she focused less and less on the piano; especially since the vocals paid the bills.

Although I'm glad to have her pianistic prowess in my collection, her vocals move me even more; I can feel the emotion, like when she sings "Do I move you, let me know it!"

Yes, she has long been a favorite of mine.
Thanks for recommendation! I've never heard of her. I have really been getting into Nina Simone recently. Talk about talent...