Loreena McKennitt and Eva Cassidy

My fellow audiophools, twas you guys that turned me on to these guys. I just finished listening to The Book of Secrets and Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley. Wow! Where do I go from here with these guys? Which albums of theirs' next? Thanks in advance. warren
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Regarding Loreena, "Parallel Dreams" and "The Visit" are probably her best from material and production quality. I felt "Book of Secrets" was over produced and not as true to Celtic character.

Others to pursue; Connie Dover, Maire Brennan, Kathy Matheson
RE: Eva Cassidy- I liked Time After Time next best to Live @ Blues Alley. Songbird is a compilation. The new one "Imagine" doesn't seem to have the emotion of the others. Also try Tracy Nelson or Rory Block for white girls singing the blues.
If you like a little harder edge to your female blues players/singers try most anything done by Debbie Davies (Tales from the Austin Motel, Picture This) to name a few, and take a listen to Joanna Conners - Slide Time, Susan Tedeschi - Just Won't Burn. These are worth a listen and are sonicly well produced but not at the level of "Live at Blues Alley" that is a GREAT piece of work all the way around.
Loreena McKennitt's "Mask and the Mirror" is quite excellent, both musically and sonically. Sean
You might also check out the best of Julia Fordham or her Porcelain cd.
Warrenh; congratulations on your finds-- that's the best part of this strange hobby, IMO! Those are two of my favorite CDs. I have all of L. McKennitt's
CDs and there are no weak ones, but as noted above, "The Visit" and "The Mask and the Mirror are excellent next choices.

Mai're Brennan (lead singer of Clannad) is another excellent Celtic/neo-Celtic singer that I really like. I have Eva Cassiday's other CDs and there is some good music there, but Blues Alley is the best. Cheers. Craig
With regard to Eva Cassidy you may also want to try her collaboration with Chuck brown titled, "The Other Side" on Cbd.music label. This could be one of her best.
Thanks for the tips guys. While I have you here: anybody hear of Rebecca Pidgeon's, Raven on Chesky? peace, warren
Warren- I've got that one. Its OK, but not in same league with Eva Cassidy (sorry, not a big Loreena McKinne fan). It was recorded using equipment designed by George Kaye, designer of Moscode amps.
One of you guys recommended Kim Richey's, Glimmer. It's a real good one. I'm loving it. Thanks, warren
Allison Moorer- Miss Fortune. I have been enjoying this lately.
The Patricia Barber, Cafe Blue, Modern Cool and Jennifer Warnes's The Hunter are simply gorgeous recordings. I wish, all female vocals, (in fact any vocals, recordings) were made with this care and pristine quality. On a recommendation I purchased Karla Bonoff (haven't listened yet). Will let you know the scoop there. It's a crying shame. I love Lucinda Williams. No great voice, but unique, rough, sexy and she writes great lyrics. Problem: her recordings are just not up to it. They're good, especially instrumentally. That's it. I get by, but after listening to the quality of the Barber, Warnes, Cassidy and McKennitt ones, I only wish Essence, and the like could be of that same quality. Why oh why can't they get a female voice recorded properly? Miking? I guess (it's been said before) recording labels are dealing with the main stream populous: boom boxes that love compressed sound. Anyway, thanks for your recommendations. Got more? Put 'em out there. peace, warren
Karla Bonoff: anybody want a used CD? Not happening, for me. Voice and material NG. More tips always aprreciated. peace, warren