Loosing dynamics with power plant

Hi ,
I'm experiencing that after I've decided on a multiwave to use with my PS Audio P500 power plant that after a couple of days my system appears to loose lots of dynamics. Could it be my cables getting used to or settling down after the ac frequency changes, the P500 itself or could it be the ac is just poor. I notice when I switch the multiwaves around and settle on whichever multiwave I decide that the music has regained it's dynamics. Then after a couple of days the music sounds flat again. Can any help with suggestions and has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?
I believe that PS Audio power conditioners are known for their current limiting. This combined with your Pass Labs X-250, which I believe draws more current than most similarly powered amps would appear to me to be sort of a double whammy.

Why it takes a couple of days for the effects to set in, I have no idea.

If you have other components connected to the PS Audio, remove them and just try the amp. Better yet, try connecting the amp to a dedicated 20 amp circuit. Dynamics should immediately improve.

If you do not have dedicated lines (especially for the amplifier), I'd highly recommend having at least one, if not 3 or 4, installed.

Thanks for your reply Stehno.
I've noticed my system is sounding good today so I assume it must be either poor ac or perhaps my allergies blocking my ears from time to time.My X250 is connected to the Ultimate Outlet section of the P500 which is non current limiting and not connected to the regenerated power section of the power plant.I am only using a constant 42 watts from the power plant.I believe it's the ac cables that take a few days to settle and I've found(with much experimentation) the appropriate setting for my system.
Stehno suggestion trying the amp in a different circuit is worth trying anyway, you might be pleasantly surprised. The amp could affect with it's power requirements what you are getting out of the PS.