Loose volume knob on Forte 44 preamp-can I fix?

The volume knob on my Forte 44 preamp is totally disconnected inside the piece. I can pull it out about 3/4" (though not all the way off). I cannot control the volume with the knob (only via the remote). Has anyone been inside one of these? I'm wondering if it's something I can fix myself.


There should be a small allen screw on the bottom side of the knob you can tighten. The same thing happened to my Forte 44 and that fixed the problem
How difficult is it to get to the part, apart from taking the cover off?

Thanks for the help!

The set screw (not necessarily allen head) should be in the knob to tighten it to the shaft. You should not need to open the case. If you find a small threaded hole, perpendicular to the shaft, then the screw fell out. If the allen screw is tight, then there may be a metal insert inside the knob, which is no longer gripping the inside of the knob. In that case, loosen the set screw, take the knob off, glue the insert into the knob and then refasten
I see the set screws you're talking about. However, it isn't just the knob which is loose. Or, rather, it isn't the knob--the knob is fastened securely to a metal piece which is supposed to be inside the preamp, presumably connected to a rheostat somehow. So the knob together with the metal column to which it is attached slides out.

I did find out that my output knob is unfastened--this will take one of the two remedies that Swampwalker mentioned.

Thanks--I very much appreciate the feedback.

You are going to have to open 'er up. Use a #10 blade, but make sure you have an experienced stereo surgeon scrubbing in ;~).