Loose spindle on Rega Planet?

I have an original Rega Planet that I like but have one serious quibble with this top loader. The clear plastic hinged lid has a black plastic button that is exposed and spins when the disc is played. The stem of this button attaches to a round magnet that secures and stabilizes the disc while playing. The stem has come loose from the magnet and when I force it back into position it sometime wobbles and is noisy. It takes lots of trial and error to get it adjusted just right. Has anyone else had this problem? It looks like a real fundamental design flaw.
Was doing some research on the planet and ran across this:


Have it look, it appears your not the only one with this problem. Unless you have fixed it. Best of luck!
Thanks Dfelkai for the thread. I have since repaired the unit and got it working fine with no noise.
How di you fix it, please post a fix if you dont mind it could be helpful to others. Thanks.