Loose hinges in a Pioneer pl-12d turntable

Hello, I have a Pioneer pl-12d turntable, the sound is very good, but the hinges are too loose and the lid does not stay up, is possible to do more rigid and strong the hinges for stay all the time up the lid when the music play?
Thank you very much! 
This used to happen on my Linn.  I finally just took them off and put the dust cover on when I wasn't using it.  Your cheapest option might be to buy a complete used PL12 for cheap and salvage the parts. 
Thank you, but I am from Spain, and this ebayer not shipping to Spain.... 
Dump the lid. It will sound better without an acoustic sail picking up sound waves and feeding it back into the plinth.
Ah, ok!.... I don't thimk about this... 

OMG...I owned a PL-12D 43 years ago before getting a Dual 1229Q.

Good memories.