Loose fitting power cord

The power cord (Morrow) to my amp is loose fitting.  It keeps falling out with the slightest movement.
Two questions.
Will that affect the ultimate SQ?
Is there any way to fix the problem short of getting a new cord?
I had this issue a few years back and I supported the cable at the input to keep it from working loose. I used a Velcro strap to suspend it hammock style from above. 
Poor fitting power cords and receptacles are the greatest plague of audio.  Multi thousand dollar components and cords and they can't stay plugged together....mind boggling!  
I have had good success using painters tape, wrapped around the plug itself ( cutting down to size, of course ). 
loose fitting is caused by loose spring contacts, can cause problems and degrade Sq. You can get an aftermarket iec plug from Furutech, Iego, Neotech or Oyaide and solve the issue.