Loose fitting Audio Quest Yukon XLR

Hooking up a new pair to my Parasound A21+ and they are loose fitting. To the point of just falling out. My Cambridge Audio and Mogami gold are just fine. Anyone else ever have this problem with AQ cables? They were bought from an authorized AQ dealer, so not knock offs. Thanks.
Call Audioquest. They answer the phone. -Usually Alistair answers the phone.
FWIW, none of my (many, many) Audioquest cables fit other than snugly.
Since you bought them from a dealer, I would hope he would give you another pair to try, just in case they had a defect.
I auditioned the WEL XLR’s in my big system.  The lack of the normal locks on the XLR’s bothered me.  They fit reasonably secure but why delete the locking feature?  Sound wise they didn’t do it in my system.
Audioquest likely has a reason for designing the cable this way, but said design is at odds with my sensibilities of correct implementation.