Looks vs. Performance - How would you mix and match?

If you could create an integrated amp with the look of any maker, with the performance of another maker, what would you mix and match ??

I might want to mix the looks of a Yamaha P-2200 with the sound of a modern Ayre or D'Agostino. 

Or Tandberg integrated amp with the guts of an Ayre.
I’ve always loved champagne finish on faceplates, like those of Conrad-Johnson and Atma-Sphere (at the time of the original M50/60 amps). Elegant, tasteful, and timeless. I ordered my ARC SP-3 in gold, thinking it would be more champagne than the rather gauche brass-hue it turned out to have. I also love the backlit glass faceplates of McIntosh stuff, especially their 70-series tuners. I wish they hadn’t switched from their old-style knobs to the newer (with black faces) ones, which cheapen the look.
Not to mention they are plastic:( The old Marantz face plates started out champagne then got darker as they aged. I remember taking off all the knobs and cleaning mine after I picked it up (7C). What a difference between that and a Dyna PAS 3x.
How about a sansui 9090db or Pioneer sx 1280 receiver refitted with a good modern high current Class D amp?
Looks vs. Performance - How would you mix and match?
This:  http://www.porsche-code.com/PLHV5EQ6