Looks vs. Performance - How would you mix and match?

If you could create an integrated amp with the look of any maker, with the performance of another maker, what would you mix and match ??

I might want to mix the looks of a Yamaha P-2200 with the sound of a modern Ayre or D'Agostino. 

Or Tandberg integrated amp with the guts of an Ayre.

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I just always wanted a Victrola never mind stuffing anything into it. My grand mother had one and in spite of my insistence that I inherit it it dissipated into the ozone:(  I was only 5 years old. Anyway I always loved the look of old Marantz stuff. May be stuffing an ARC preamp into a 7C?
I would certainly stuff a Model 9 into a Model 9. I heard them driving K horns with an Ampex reel to reel.Think of the impression that made on a 13 year old who was building a Dyna Stereo 70 and trying to drive AR 2Axs with it. The FuzzLinear 700 was still years away.
thecarpathian, I wish. My grandmother's was an older one with flowers painted on a big horn. The original horn loudspeaker connected directly to the needle!
Yeh skyscraper they need to get with it. Those of us with theaters want everything in black to avoid reflections. Even ARC does their stuff in black now. 
Not to mention they are plastic:( The old Marantz face plates started out champagne then got darker as they aged. I remember taking off all the knobs and cleaning mine after I picked it up (7C). What a difference between that and a Dyna PAS 3x.