Looks like PS Audio has a hit on their hands with the new speaker

I know that many here may not take the PS Audio FR30 seriously as a speaker.

I totally get that (as no one has even heard it) however based on the designer and 

goals, years of development, I was very optimistic.  Plus I knew the speaker would work well with my BHK300 amps.  Not that I’m in the market for speakers, but wish I was. 

Here’s the first owner report, who previously had Maggies.


Would love to hear these for myself, as I’m a sucker for new driver designs.

Anyone who has heard these, please post your impressions.

Would love to hear them in the New York tri state area or south Florida.  



I really like PS Audio, their group is very very helpful.  I have a piece of their equipment and I think the support is superior.  I wanted to go hear these, but they said I could not come because of "covid", which makes me nervous - you could still listen to them - nope.  The introduction is very controlled.  

Heard their first (?) iteration at the last Axpona and thought they sounded pretty darn good.  The usual caveats about show sound apply.  Watched the two setup videos and the second one sounded great with my headphones on.  Again, the usual caveats.  

I hope to hear the FR30 at Axpona.  Never be able to afford 'em but so what!

Regarding their pricing, with PS Audio's direct sale model in the US they eliminated their dealers but offer unusually high trade in values. The result is that US buyers generally end up paying well under retail prices for new PS Audio products when trading in old gear and getting large discounts. Their trade in policy seems to top out at discounts of one third the retail price for most items.

It may need a separate thread, but that room? It seems so odd and small. I can see why he fought with so many sound absorbers, wouldn’t most recordings sound constrained? It seems more like a big set of headphones. But hey, no wrong approaches in this hobby, but you can’t really fight the architecture of the space. Only so much you can achieve. 

PS does have a good trade-in program, but they cap it at about 25% of the purchase, while their big dealers used to reduce prices by 40% - 45%...so in essence their prices went up significantly...and the trade in is mostly a convenience. as you could sell it yourself...but I do love their DAC and Transport...and I find their customer support to be excellent...