Looks like my Luxman D-05 CDP died....

I used my beloved Luxman D-06 CDP mainly as a DAC in my 2 audio pc setup.  Yesterday I noticed I was not getting any sound from my system.  In the past, when this happened it was caused by something else in my system like my audio PCs, network, etc.  My CDP/DAC and integrated amp has always been rock solid.  I got everything to work by just cycling power.  Well this morning it happened again.  To verify that the problem was not being caused by my Luxman I tried to play a CD.  When I try to close the cd tray with or without a cd in it, the tray just open again after trying to close.  Nothing I do will keep the cd tray closed.  I think this strange behavior has also something to do with the Luxman DAC not outputting music too.

Any Luxman owners experience this?  Any quick fixes or is it time to move on and get a new DAC?
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Sorry I meant Luxman D-06 cdp.
My Luxman D-06 had a different issue, in that, it would load a CD but would not play. I sent the player out for service and it  was repaired. I don't know what is causing the problem you are having , but I would check into getting the unit serviced before getting a new DAC, the Luxman player is a wonderful component. As always YMMV...but good luck.
OK good news and bad news.  The good news is the Luxman was not the issue in terms of outputting music from the digital inputs (I use it mainly as a DAC).  The bad news:

1.  The problem is my Accustic Arts Power 1 integrated amp that is the issue.  Looks like I will need to look into repairing it.

2.  The cd tray of the Luxman looks a little crooked.  Its a tad lower at the left corner.  When I push it up after the tray closes, it will remain close and will read/play a cd.  Not sure what caused this as I hardly ever play a CD.  Its been at least 4 months since I used it last.  One of my kids probably broke it!  When anything goes wrong just blame the kids!!  LOL!

If kids not with me, I blame drugs and alcohol.