Looks like I'm trying the Hagerman Trumpet.

Thanks for all the ideas.

I decided to switch from a Herron Dyna 17D2 to a Trumpet and a Dyna 20-XH.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll let everyone know how it works.

Just got the trumpet today. I really like the way it looks. My amp should be here around weds.

This is a great looking phono pre-amp. I will post back with the way it sounds soon.
Please do, since nobody appears to have any knowledge of it.
Have fun. I'm sticking to my piano.
This is a bad ass Phono Pre-Amp guys.

I am very glad that I didn't buy the supra now.

So far the results are outstanding. I spent about an hour on VTA, 20 minutes on VTF, 10 minutes on Bias.

This really is much better then the herron and I'm oly using a scott 352B from the 70's. When the jolida arrives I expect to get even better results.

All I can tell you is imagine the difference from vinyl to cd. This is that exact difference. I will tell you that the air is exactly what Jim said it would be. The soundstage has the singer in front and layer correcly while setting boundries well. It is the most accurate sound that I have ever heard in my entire high fi disease.

If you thought you needed a berning ZH-270 forget it. I feel that this phono pre-amp has made a better improvement for the money the ANY thing I've ever heard or owned. If you are fortunate enough to allready have a great system and you like vinyl; I believe this is the best phono pre-amp made and I suspect it's even going to have more drive then a bolder or a Manley.

I know this is an insane comment but it really is the best piece of hi-fi I've ever owned. I may not be the sage that the rest of you are but this is the absolute thing I was praying for. It will be a hard act to follow, I doubt we'll se a better $ 4 $ upgrade in the next few years although the ZH-270 is close to as good of a $ deal.

Guys do search on google for: Hagerman Technology Trumpet

If you live in the DFW(Dallas Fort Worth) area I would be happy to let you hear this thing kill any phono pre-amp you have. If you can beat it I'll eat my hat.

If you think the herron is good think again

This is the honest truth. Call me if you like 940-384-0004

If you live in DFW and have a Berning, I have the Merlins and the trumpet with a NAS Spacedeck/Arm Metal and a Dyna DV-20XH, Come on Down!
Avivey, I believe that money is better spent at the front end of a system than the speaker end, so I am not surprised at your reaction to a great improvement in your phono section. This was a good place to spend some money. However, once you have that great front end, don't underestimate the improvements that can be made in the amplification chain. The Berning amps are a revelation in sound quality. I'm running a Teres 245/OL Silver/DL103R thru a Cotter Mk2 into a highly modded MFA preamp, and I am patiently waiting for my new custom Berning 45 amp to arrive(next week). I previously had the bottom model Berning, and will now have even higher than the top-line model, because this is a custom-made prototype unit that is not even available to the general public. I fully expect this to be a "religious" experience. My Lowther single-driver speakers are better suited to the single-ended tube design of my new amp than the push-pull tube design of my previous amp.

What do you think about running the output of the Hagerman through a transformer-based passive stepped attenuator like a Bent Audio? Does it have the ouptut strength for it? I'd like to move away from my active preamp with all the inputs and switching and line stage, because I use only a phono in my system, nothing else.

I think you will notice an astonishing improvement. The Trumpet has Bass that is thunderous. I can't think of any flaws.

I'm using a Dynavector DV-20XH which is one of the Cartridges that Mr. Hagerman suggest. The match makes my herron Karat combo sound silly. I can only imagine the improvements of going to a step up with a Helikon, Karat, or XX.

I also use an only phono system. Although I did run my Cd player through the Trumpet using the iRIAA filter which is included and it seemed to even make my CD player sound better. I know he's speant allot of time on this design, I was very comfortable buying from Jim. After investigating his website I noticed how involved he's been in vacuum tubes and vinyl.

Thank you jim for building what I hope to be my last pre-amp. Now to save for that Berning. I really love both of these products the Berning and the Hagerman. Just wish I had the money for a ZH or Siegfried :(

TWL, you should try it.

Also call Jim Hagerman and tell him what you plan to do.