Looking to upgrade speakers.

Currently have a pair of NHT 2.5i's biamped with McCormack DNA 1's and McCormack TLC1 pre. The problem is relatively modest volumes at high gain settings (8-10). I believe this is due to the NHT's 86 spl rating. Have listened to Monitor Silver series 8 and 10 (91 spl) and like them very much.

My question is whether there other speakers whose performance top to bottom, efficiency and price compare with the Monitor?

Thanks for suggestions.
You could try Theil 2.3/2.4's. Also B&W CDM-7's. The new Monitor Audio S series seems to have too much bass. I thought the older Monitor Audio had great, musical bass, vs,. the newer "home theater" bass that B&W CM-4 offers. Although B&W has a more open sound - less boxy.
Thanks for the suggestions. I am familiar with B&W and own a pair of DM602's and have listened to 805's and up and do like the B&W sound. Will give the CDM7 a listen.