Looking to upgrade my tonearm

I'v'e got a Michell Gyrodec and I am currently using a plain RB300. with a Clear Audio Arum Beta. I'm budget conscious and price is an object but I am considering an SME 309 or the new VPI JMW 9 which is supposed to fit in Rega openings. Does anyone know how good the SME 309 is or isn't and whether it's better than the other tone arm I mentioned. Also any suggestions on arms to match with the table arm combo I have mentioned. I want an arm that won't be too much of a hassle to set up but that will be an upgrade in sound from the RB 300.

You aren't specific about your budget, but one tonearm that you should consider is the new Rega RB1000. The arm is a fairly complete re-design of the RB900. I have not seen any reviews of the arm yet, but I've corresponded with several people in England who have auditioned the RB1000 and they have given it high marks.

Here are two Web sites that have info about the the RB1000:

I know someone who can get the arm from England and will sell it for about $1275 (MSRP is supposed to the $1595). If you are interested in more info, drop me a private E-mail.)
I'm also the owner of GyroDec and somehow I've realized that switch for SME309 will only be a waste of money. This tonearm is cerainly more adjustable but for real only by azimuth. You have Michell VTA on your Rega. If you modify your existing arm(first acquire Clearaudio counterweight instead of Rega one) and than rewire it with Cardas Newtral Reference phono cable(Incognito kit) and there you will bring much more performance. The same way you can improve by investing the difference(leaving your RB300) into better cartridge such as Lyra Lydian Beta(mates perfect with Michell!). As to SME I would only consider IV and V series as true fidelity arms. You should also research for Wilson Benesch Act .5 tonearm that is a great cheaper match(compared to SME5) to Michell.
If you're budget conscious, and haven't had the RB300 rewired from the stock Rega wiring, THAT would be a major upgrade for a relatively small investment.
P.S. VPI arms and Michell are not good mates. Even probably no armboard is manufactured for VPI arms by Michell.