Looking to upgrade my Phono Stage.

I have a MMF-7 with Goldring Eroica cart. Presently I am using a Sumiko Phono box and am looking to upgrade. My budget is not great but up to the $500 used market. I've been eyeing a Primare, a Mistral and Lehman but need ideas. My system is: Cary SLI-80 integrated, Reference 3A MMdeCapoI's, with Yamamura M5000 IC's and speaker cable. I am using Coincident IC's in the TT to phono stage as I heard it was an excellent cable in this regard. I listen mostly to jazz and classical on the TT. Any recommendations are appreciated.
I also have the MMF-7. I have all solid state equipment- McCormack TLC-1 Line drive using the passive outputs and Conrad-Johnson MF2250 amp. With this I am using a Marantz PH-22 phono stage. This phono stage is a number of years old, but I have been unable to replicate the realism it gives to this particular setup. I have seen the small Conrad-Johnson vacuum tube phono stage sold used at times in the $500.00 range. It may be a good match for your gear. I have auditioned Creek, Phenomena, and Coph Nia, and none compared to the Marantz. I guess the best advice may be to audition any that you can.
If you can get you hands on a Naim Stageline and a base power supply. Check with Hawthorn in Seattle they are on audiogon frequently and are a Naim dealer. Make sure you match the Stageline to your cartridge output.
Look for used Camelot Lancelot. Battery powered with charger. It out classes everything in the 500$ used arena.

If you come across an Audiomat phono stage at your price, give it a listen if you possibly can.

Another option would be a Klyne SK-5A, if you were considering an amp upgrade for the future. The Klyne's a great, relatively-unknown preamp, and its phono stage is terrific.
Thanks for the ideas. I've decided on the Monolithic PS-1/HC-1b combination.
The Monolithic PS-1 is very similar in topology to the Klyne's, according to one of its designers (Greg Schug). I just talked to Dan Wright tonight and he's got a modded PS-1/HC-1B combo for sale. Tel him the Psychic sent you...
Monolithic is set up and sounding great!!
Good ! Any impressions yet ?