Looking to upgrade from Sololiquy 6.3

I currently own a BAT VK75SE amp, BAT VK50SE preamp, Electotcompaniet EMC-1mk2 CDP. Cardas Golden Reference IC's,and Acoustic Zen Hologram bi-speaker cable. Shunyata power cords. The room I listen in is 17x20. I am looking for a speaker with a better sound stage and depth. Thanks for any and all help in this matter.
I've heard lots of speakers, and frankly Soliloquy does a pretty first rate job of soundstage width, depth, etc. Have you tried pulling the speakers further out into the room(I find Soliloquys in particular need breathing room to image/soundstage at their best)? That will certainly help if you've only got them a few feet from the back wall(assuming you have the flexibility to do so in your room). You might also consider trying Cardas Neutral Reference or AZ Silver Reference interconnects(Soliloquy uses these at shows) that may be a little clearer to the back of the stage than the Goldens(others with more experience with Cardas cables may have more thoughts on this).

Other speakers I've heard that do a good job in this area are Silverline Sonatas/Sonatinas, Vandersteen 3A/5, Coincident Technology Super/Total Eclipse, Audio Physic Virgo, Thiel CS1.5/2.3/3.6.

Just some thoughts, but I'm surprised to hear you're dissatisfied with the soundstaging abilities of the 6.3s and so I'm not sure changing speakers is going to give you what you're looking for--but it's always fun trying anyway. Best of luck.

I'm with Soix on this one. Not to talk you out of new speakers if thats what you want, but I have the 5.3's and they image amazingly well. I do have a dedicated listening area and was able to pull the speakers about 6 feet (tweeter) from the wall.
Moving your speaks around is semi free, just some sweat, so have fun and good luck.
Check out the Gershman Acoustics Avant Gardes - they look great and sound fantastic - check out the reviews from owners on audioreview.com.
Thanks for the ideas, I am go to try moving the speakers around in the room and see what happens.
ProAc and North Creek both make models that throw a soundstage big enough to walk around in, although I have heard the same about Soliloquy speaks.