Looking to upgrade from Rotel 1062 integrated

I'm looking to upgrade from my Rotel RA-1062 integrated amp. I've been happy with it, but I recently upgraded to a pair of beautiful Vienna Acoustics Bach Grand speakers and feel like I can get more out of them. I mostly listen to cds with a Rotel 1072 cd player, which will likely be upgraded in the not too distant future as well, and to vinyl on a Rega P1 table. It's not a knockout system by Audiogon standards, but I've fallen in love with some recordings on it.

So can anyone recommend a next step amp? I'm also wondering whether it makes sense to go with another integrated or with a pre-amp / power amp combo? I'd like to keep the amp to under $2500.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
I won't worry what others may think, nor about the cost of one's system. You have a VERY nice system. (And you enjoy it!) Before you go a spend a fortune, have you considered perhaps "Tweeking" your !062? Upgrade the IEC chassis plug (Furatech) and spk. binding posts. Very noticeable sonic improvements. Also, cabling makes a very real differance. There are many, many ways you can go if you decide to upgrade. (My older modified Rotel seperates sound GREAT and I spent a song on them.) Good Luck and hope you continue to enjoy the music.
The Rega Brio is a decent upgrade for your rotel. And it fits on your budget, i have it paired with a pair of Dynaudio Audience 42's.
I'm running a pair of Bach Grands in a small room with Marsh P2000b and Marsh A200s. Sounds great, better than the YBA YA201 I had been using and like a lot, and the Marsh is available at great used prices.
I really like the combination of Vienna's and Primare amps. At the top of your price limit for a new unit is the I30. For about $1500 you can get the I21. Both sound wonderful, but for the Vienna's I think more current is more better.

Staying with solid state, I also really like the Naim Nait XS, although have not heard this amp with the Vienna's.

For Rega, I would recommend the Mira rather than the Brio, or at the top of your price range the new Elicit - strong bass.

The Macintosh suggestion is also sound, but these models are in a different and much higher price bracket. Used?