Looking to upgrade from receiver

Hi, I am looking to upgrade from an 11 yr old Onkyo 100W receiver. I currently have B&W DM604 speakers and would like to upgrade to seperates or an integrated amp. Looking to buy used with a budget of around $600. I mostly listen to Jazz and Classical. Listening room is rather small. It seems to me that an integrated would give me a bit more quality for my budget. All comments are appreciated.

$600 will get you a used Audio Refinement Complete integrated. List price new is $1099 with remote. It is made by YBA. It is similar in sound to the YBA Integre which lists for $2500.

The Complete is a great choice for Classical/Jazz.
A used Linn Majik would also be good in that price range.
What speakers do you use? And how efficient are they?

Gotta second the ARC Integrated for $700 used. Incredible value. I just paired one with an NAD 541i and some Spendors for a friend's first taste of high end, and boy is he smitten! My power cords didn't hurt, either. Have fun.
You may be able to find a used LFD Mistral in your range. Excellent integrated made in GB.
Don't forget Musical Fidelity, Creek, Arcam who all make good integrateds. If you are willing to try tubes (and what a wonderful adventure you could embark upon!) the ARC is a good idea along with Mesa Engineering Trigris(sp?). Good luck and let us know what happens.