Looking to upgrade from NHT 2.0 Speakers

HI Everyone, 

I am currently using an Emotiva Mini A-100 amp with the NHT 2.0 speakers.  I am looking to upgrade my speakers and continuing using the Emotiva amp, as my setup is for desktop use or near field to the occasion turn it up for the bedroom.  

What would you guys recommend as a worth while upgrade from the NHT2.0 speakers?  I think I found a good deal on some Totem Mite speakers for about $600.  Would these speakers be a good upgrade from my current speakers and is my amp good enough to power the Mites? 

I am also open to other speakers. i have a budget of under $1k give or take a few hundred.  New or used i am ok with.  

For new, a pair of Zu Omen Bookshelves.
For used, a pair of Vandersteen VLR's.
Hey, The Totem Model One Signature is the speaker to buy in the $1500 used range...AND the Emotiva will drive them no problem, spend the extra 1,000 or less and find a nice pre owned pair. New they sell for around $2000. This Model One speaker has been in production for decades and will compete with the Dynaudio Special Forty ($4500) and thats saying a lot.

Matt M
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Oh wow I am interested in those silverline minuet speakers? I saw on their website that they are located in the Bay Area. Is there a way for me to get a demo of those speakers? 

In terms of price is the $600 for totem mite speakers a good deal? I wish I could hear the model 1 sinc ethey would be too big sitting on my desk.
Guys i am torn between the totem Mites and the silverline minuet supreme plus speakers.  Can you guys give me your opinions between these 2 speakers.  Again will be mostly be used for desktop and listening to music when relaxing.
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@james_w514 is there a reason why you would choose the minuet supreme plus over the Mites?  
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