looking to upgrade from B&w 805s to full range

Have B&W 805s driven by Bryston B-135-SST2 integrated and Moon 260 dac streamer
Suggestions to upgrade to full range 
Budget 7500.00 
Need high inner detail 
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You want golden ear.


Sorry, Dali is also a good candidate for your tastes.


Actually, if you want "inner detail", I can't think of anything I've heard with more of that than Paradigm Persona.  I've heard them at multiple audio shows and they have incredible imaging and soundstage.  Now, they will tell you all about a bright recording.
If you like B&W sound, look into used 804D3 or 803D2. 
Joseph Audio Profiles are in your price range new and should be no problem driving them with your amp.  Not technically full range, but they’ll put out a good amount of quality bass for their size while providing a good portion of the performance of the much more expensive Perspectives.  Best of luck in your search.  
On second thought, do you have any subs in the system? If not then add a pair of REL subs, with REL’s you are in for a treat. You will experience a whole new layer of tonality that brings music more to life. The imaging along with every detail from top to bottom will improve as well.

There is no other sub that will provide seamless integration as REL using its unique high-level input.