Looking to upgrade Field coil generator- any thoughts

Guys- I have the Classic Audio T.14 speakers and have heard that if you up grade the field coil generators it will give you a better sound- Has anyone had any experience with different types of field coil generators and any recommendations would be appreciated- thks
First off congrats, you are a wise man and of good fortune.

I like the way field-coiling the midrange driver especially is a cost effective way to approach this upgrade. I have heard John’s speakers for years and heard the field-coils in many different configurations and can say it is all good. It just depends how deep your pockets are. The midrange upgrade, as I recommended is the sweet spot/bang for the buck place to start.

Happy C.A.R. Listening!
I have a set of John's speakers as well.

What you want is a good regulated power supply.

John had me researching the Tungar phenomena a while back, and what I can tell you about that is that Tungars can't be properly bypassed (IOW, properly filtered) enough to eliminate hum. This means that they aren't going to sound right and will introduce a coloration (and distortion- intermodulations based on the hum frequency). So the Tungar craze is a bubble that's going to pop.

Really, a good regulated power supply is the key. The thing is, it needs to be several amps at least, so you really can't do it with tubes. Actually the power supplies John supplies with the speakers work really quite well. I think they could look a bit nicer, but that's a different story...
thks- question- at what level do you st the power supply- I forgot what the difference is when raising the levels-