Looking to upgrade & downsize. Krell s-300i?

Thinking about buying a Krell s-300i integrated. The Krell would replace:
McCormack Power Drive DNA-0.5
Audio Research SP9 MKII

Sold the Linn LP12 and all my records.

I currently have:
Sony ES CDP (will need to replace as well)

Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home (newer front ported model)

G4 Powerbook. All music sits on 2 very large external HD's. All music ripped with Apple lossless. In the path is a new Music Fidelity V-DAC.

All interconnects are Transparent Music Link Plus, and Speaker cable is MIT Terminator 4.

Any and all input is appreciated.
wow , that is pretty good stuff you are replacing, if you like the krell, i owned the 400i and loved it...it is small except in depth of size, runs a little hot so requires ventilation...the 300 i imagine is pretty much the same unit but without the volume control knob where the 300 have push buttons....i loved the krell, it is excellent in balance and pace for and has the power....also a good match would be a plinius but a little more money probably....they are both excellent witht the speakers you have....i like the hard drives too and the music fidellity is great...why not buy a music fidelity 5.5 intergrated to match the dac...they are excellent power int.amps..and excellent pricing used...i have owned alot of intergrated and listened to most....for the money the krell, music fidelity are excellent....

Thanks for the great suggestions. I have listened now to the Krell s-300i and the Musical Fidelity 5.5,side by side. Both sound wonderful. I will make a decision this week, and am fairly confident that I'll go with the Krell
Got rid of the Linn ? Did you you rip all the vinyl to digital, or just get out of vinyl ? Just curious as I am in a similar area .

I edited the vinyl collection and selected those recordings that I was fond of. A kind friend of mine ripped them for me (a time consuming task to say the least), and then I found good homes for all of them. My cd's have all been placed in binders, jewel cases gone, saving a tremendous amount of space. I will keep the cd's,as they are my backup. All Hard drives do eventually fail.

At this point in the development of audio gear, I no longer see, or hear, for the most part, the need to have seperates, or for that matter, vinyl. At one time I would have thought that last comment heretical. Perhaps I'm getting lazy, or just possibly, the sound reproduction gap has narrowed to the point of being irrelevant..at least for me.

About this project. I live in a small studio apartment in New York, and I'm trying to reclaim as much space as I can. Part of this project required me to make some tough decisions, especially when it came to my electronics. Hence my original post. All in all I'm happy with my decisions, and excited about my upgrade path.

A note about my system. I just purchased A PS Audio Quintet. This will resolve, hopefully, some line noise issues that I've experienced, and besides, good clean power just makes sense.

Good luck.