Looking to upgrade Audio Note CD-2

Although this is still a good unit, it is ten years old. I would like to hear recommendations of "better", newer units that would bring me into this century- anywhere between $1000- $2000. Tube or SS. New or used. Please don't suggest streaming, it's not for me. Thanks in advance, and best wishes to everyone. Xrayz
I still have a CD 3.1X (as my spare player). I changed the two output/coupling caps to Aura caps and had an entirely different and new player. And that was before their new teflon caps were available. This is a 15 minute effort so I highly recommend it. Hens' suggestion to simply insert a new DAC is probably your best solution for an upgrade. In the $1-2,000 there are some good options. Also $3000 DACS can be bought used in this price range too.
i prefer my audio note cd-2 to any cd player i have had the opportunity to audition. i can't think of any cd player in current production that i would want to purchase to replace the audio note cd2.
Mrtennis- I tend to agree. I guess it's just the upgrade bug. I was advised to get copper or silver caps to upgrade. I don't know how they'll sound, though.
I went with the then (2006) standard Aura cap. I spent a lot of time talking with them and they also suggested increasing the value ever so slightly. Also based on that conversation I stayed away from silver. I cannot imagine it getting better. Now knowing about Teflon caps I would look at the Teflon Aura caps. But also look at if from this point of view. The nice thing about this upgrade path is that if you do not like the sound, you can change the caps again.