looking to upgrade amp. Best choice of Belles Aria vs Rogue CM v Parasound HINT?

Moved a modern amo w remote 5 years ago..Marantz PM8005. Been happy with it but upgradeitis has set in. Also curious about tubes. Rest of system is SONY SACD5400ES, Marantz ND8006, Kef R300, Ohm Walsh 2s. Listen to all kinds of music especially blues, jazz, female vocals, fingerstyle acoustic guitar (Tommy Emmanuel, Tony Rice, Laurence Juber, Ed Gerhard), singer songwriter, classical and classic rock, Hawaiian slack key. At 60+ need remote as bad back has me in a recliner alot. Options after lots of reading down to Belles Aria, Cronus Magnum, Psound HINT, possible a Raven or Line Magnetic tube amp  $3K or so budget. Live in Hawaii so no options to hear here. I am assuming all of these are real upgrades. Love midrange, clarity, some warmth  (other system is old Mac MC250 at core). Best thing about the Marantz is warmth, clarity, detail, not fatiguing and remote. Appreciate all input.

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Bought a Belles Aria at the recommendation of John Rutan at Audio Connection and haven’t regretted the decision. Smooth, fatigue free sound, excellent detail and soundstage. Can’t speak to tubes as I have never wanted the hassle. Best integrated I have ever owned, and I’ve had a bunch.