Looking to upgrade a Dynavector 20x2L on a Scoutmaster Signature

I have the following analog setup:

TT: Scoutmaster Signature with JMW-9 Signature tonearm and Dynavector 20x2L cart
Phono preamp: Audia Flight
Preamp: McIntosh C500T

I've enjoyed this system for quite a few years. Has a very nice romantic/relaxed sound. I purchased a Lampizator Atlantic DAC last year and it has quite a different sound to the turntable setup. It is more dynamic and has a wider soundstage. I'm wondering if I can add some of these qualities to my turntable setup by improving the cart? Any cart recommendations in the $2000 - $3000 range? Or perhaps I should just bite the bullet and upgrade the entire turntable?  
The Dynavector cartridge you are listening through has never been known for the sonic qualities you note in your posting.  I have the same cartridge on a VPI Scout and the sound is spacious and alive with great dynamic ebb and flow.

A question.  How much gain do you have your phono pre set for?  The only time I heard that cart. sound too mellowed out was when the gain was set too low on my phono pre.
I have the phono preamp set at 90 ohms and 64 db output. The gain can also be increased to 74 db.

I really like the differences between the analog and digital inputs, but as my DAC is quite a bit more expensive than the TT setup I'm now looking to even the field a little. A dealer I know has a used Benz Micro LP-S MR for sale. I'm going to get a demo next week.

Thanks for your response.
The Benz LPS MR is very much better .....upgrade to a 3D arm with 2nd pivot.....sublime.
I'm going to listen to it on Tuesday. These upgrades are starting to get expensive though. I'll wait to purchase the 3D arm when I purchase a used Prime Signature some time later (which comes with the 3D arm and a host of other upgrades such as the platter). These don't come up on the used market very often, so I'll need some patience. Will also give me time to save for a new one if I don't end up finding a used one.
Yep - the Benz LPS MR is a keeper. Currently listening to it now in the comfort of my home. Great upgrade.

I had the Scoutmaster Sig with the 20XL and upgraded to the Benz Ebony L (1 step down from LP). It left the poor 20XL in the dust. Don't get me wrong. The 20 is a good cart for the $$$ but really no comparison to the Ebony L., much less the LPS.

Good recommendations mentioned already :)  I also recommend the Ortofon Cadenza Bronze, and Kiseki Blue (I think is in that price range).  Those are both very dynamic cartridges.  The Cadenza has a bit more punch to it.  The Kseki is a bit smoother/sweeter. 

The Benz gets a lot of detail but is also more set-up sensitive compared to other cartridges.   


The Benz gets a lot of detail but is also more set-up sensitive compared to other cartridges
   I'm curious what you find more set up sensitive about the Benz? Not meant as a challenge. Just curious
It is very detailed, but I consider this a good thing. If the rest of your system is also very detailed I guess it could be "too much". 

The LP-S certainly added the level of detail I'm getting from my Lampizator GA DAC. Can't decide which I prefer anymore. I think I'll need a couple more weeks of listening to decide.