Looking to update my crossovers. Active or Passive

Well here's what I have right now i'm using a set of passive Eminance 3 ways from "partsexpress.com" And yes I am a victim of the upgrade bug. I'm upgrading my tweeters and thought I'd try to get some info on a new set of crossovers as well. My speakers are Homemade 3-ways(using a modified design from speakerbuilder mag), single amp powering them, and tri-wiring from the crossovers to the speakers. I haven't been able to find to many places that sell crossovers especially active ones so what do you think?? Active or Passive? Also where can I get some good ones??

None of the above. Crossovers cannot be bought over-the-counter and expected to perform as well as purpose-designed networks. If you have a crossover which was designed for the drivers you have, you are fine. If you want to change some drivers, you are going to have to learn how to design crossovers for yourself. There are books...........

Tact audio system and create the crossovers in the digital domain! Amazing stuff if you want to biamp. Might be more than you want to spend.

DEQX is another manufacture.
Madisound will design xovers for your drivers.