Hello all I 'am looking to up grade my interconnects been reading alot some cables are just out of my price range I have come across two that seem to offer some versatility at a affordable price morrow audio and audio art has anyone used or have any experience with these two cable brands
would appreciate any help you can give

Thanks in Advance Tweeker
Actually have used both.The Morrows are very clean and clear,the AudioArt are slightly "sweeter" and better on transients.String sounds are more articulate with the AA.They are both decent cables.I suggest you try both and return the ones that don't work as well with your equipment.
Thank you for your suggestions
I found that matching components and interconnects is not unlike cooking a fine meal, in that you may have the finest ingerdients, but if overspiced or overcooked, your dog might not touch it.
Interconnects are much like spices, trying different brands will yeald different results. My suggestion is to go to your local Hi-Fi store and ask if they have any samples you can borrow (with a deposit, of course) for a few days. Avoid mixing interconnect brands if possible.
Try different brands to see which work best for your taste and system. In my opinion, any good salesman will oblige you in order to get a sale.
Dont shout dude!
Try the ETI Quiessence range? they are really good! I use the Q1000 at the reccomendation of a mate. they can be a bit pricey, but definately worth it. Check it out on their site and see what you think. they have cheaper versions, and even their express range is pretty good! :)