Looking to step up from Polk RTi A3. 1500 or under

What say you......

What equipment do you have ... do you plan to upgrade your other equipment ... what do you listen to ... are we talking vinyl or digital ... how loud do you listen ... what is important to you in sound ... how big is  your listening room ... do you want stand mounters or floor standers ... buying new or used ... and etc.  

If you just want a "can't go wrong suggestion" ... then, Ascend Acoustics Sierras 1.  Obviously, there are many others.  So say I.      


I had the RTiA3s at one point.

I actually thought they were a good little speaker - they do well for low to mid level volume listening with a dash of sparkle up top, which I prefer.

I stepped 'up' with a used set of B&W CDM1NTs that I got here :-)

If you are familiar with Polk speakers, if the LSi7 and the RTiA3 had a baby, it would be the CDM1NT.  Luscious midrange, good imaging, but retains that dash of sparkle up top for better detailing.

With the right amplification behind them, they can provide a great value for under your budget with enough left for stands and cables.

imho, of course ;-)

I am running a Kenwood SS 700m amp and a kenwood ss KA 7300 preA. Oppo 103 DVD player.

Again, if you like the sonic character of the RTiA3s and want better midrange, more precise soundstaging, and refined sparkle up top, then the B&Ws fit the bill and I think a good match with your setup.

If you are looking for something different, then maybe you need to describe what type of sound you are looking for, or things you don't like about your current speakers.

I will go with the BnW you recommended.