Looking to sell my LP Collection

Looking for help on how to go about selling my LP Collection. Don't want to but kids in college chew up money like you would not believe. Around half of my LPs are MOFI. Around eight are from the original Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs, the rest from the MOFI that was bought.
I also have Japanese pressed LPs and other LP manufacturers. For instance I have six Led Zeppelin 200 gram Vinyl. I, II, II, Houses Of The Holy, CODA and Physical Graffiti. I have a copy of Led Zeppelin IV 180 Gram Deluxe edition. I also have The Box set Mother Ship. When I bought them the single LPs were sold for $39.99. I go out now and look for what they are selling and I was shocked.
It would be easier to sell everything at once but the weight along of all the albums would be quite heavy.
I also have The Doors Box Set of all their studio LPs. I can't find that for sale any where.
Looking for any suggestions any one might have. If I have to I will sell each desperately. One other note. All of the Albums have never been opened. All the LPs except For the MOFI LPs are albums I had as a teenager, One LP is Mott The Hoople 'All The Young Dudes' Red Vinyl only 1,000 pressed. I am lost. The only thing I am amazed at is all the information they used to put on Albums. CDs you need a magnifying glass to read and forget Downloads. I have the 40th Anniversary Edition of 'David Bowie and The Spiders on Mars" In the Bottom corner it reads 'To be Played At Maximum Volume' That is how I played them all the time and I still have my hearing. Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
My suggestion would be to enlist the help of your college kinds. Get them to actually own the process of selling them via e-bay ... researching a reasonable selling price, setting up the ads, packaging and delivery. Then you pay them a % of the proceeds, which kind of kills 2 birds.
The amount of money achieved vs. the amount of sellers remorse over a lifetime of regret does not balance out. Keep the records, sell the kidney. What you would have to pay to get those records back......if you could. Make sure you are over this "record thing" because this will come back to haunt you big time and create a long lasting animosity towards your kids when they move back home and lock themselves in their old room and get a part time job at whatever fast food joint you care to name. So this is my suggestion, save the records and look elsewhere for monetary resources.Good Luck!
+1 Ptmconsulting

Love that idea!
He's an effin troll....joined today.....listened to them at max.....all albums are sealed...yadayada
PTM nailed it, IMO.

Let the kids use your Ebay/Paypal receivables account.
How did you play them at max volume if they are sealed?
Yup a troll. Sealed etc. MoFi guy is looking for suckers to email him and send him money from post.

The main sucker bet is his hnaming so many titles. He is posting an ad in the forum.
Recently sold off my entire LP library. My wife did a lot of research on pricing and condition and sold about 20% on ebay. Many of the rest were sold to used record stores in the area and the remainder were donated to local charities. Don't be surprised if there's no interest in most of the stuff that you value highly.
Boy what a fake out this guy tried on us. I have this and this and oh yes and this . This BS artist almost had me going.
Amazing what people will do to save a few $$. Oh, wait a minute, aren't music for sale ads free? Or did the new management change that??
"All of the Albums have never been opened."

"That is how I played them all the time and I still have my hearing."

Oh, OK.............

List them on e-bay, pay the fees, and you will achieve maximum value. Likely with more success than the ad you placed here in the forums.
The OP's writing is somewhat rambling, but it seems he has some MOFI's sealed and some other collectables he has listened to loud. It appears he is new, has no clue, and thought he would ask some experts the best way to accomplish this task. If he had not listed some of his titles, no one could have helped him.

Whatever happened to civility? Welcome to Audiogon, Pinkkflyd54 .
Pinkkflyd54, There are a lot of good answers from posters, but I like Ptm's suggestion the best. Teaches more than they may learn in school.
You may also want to consider Amazon.
Have your kids get jobs...and go to state schools
Don't they have people selling records at audio shows? With that type of collection it may be worth getting a table at one of them and price accordingly, sell the rest on here.