Looking to replace my Squeezebox Touch

I currently have it connected to my Oppo 105 vis USB running Roon. Also have it connected to my Marantz 7005 via Analog. What’s my best choice in the $500-1000 range? Leaning towards the Node 2i for simplicity. But a screens would be nice. 
You can find used Auralic Aries going in that price range I have the Mini version and love it. The dual femto version with outboard power supply is a great deal used I've seen them for $800-1000. The control app Lightning DS is also excellent.
I've been super happy to get off the SB touch onto Roon, but I have no solution for you in terms of an actual streamer. I'm going into my DAC via USB on a Raspberry Pi 4.
Thanks nor seeing many of the Aries for sale in that PR. Are you referring to the mini? Really holding out for a screen.
I am referring to the Aries or Aries Femto as it's sometimes called. Here is one..........
It's very hard to find a used Mini as Auralic discontinued them a few years back. And as far as a screen goes the Aires, and most streamers have a control app that you run off a phone or tablet. That's you're screen basically.
Thanks. Looking into that unit. Looks like Some folks are having a problem streaming over WiFI? TBH that’s one of the main reasons I’m giving up on the SBT. I currently have it up and running via TP/link power line adapter. It’s seems to be ok a on all my 24/96 files. But I feel it might be a bandaid solution.