Looking to replace my Platinum Audio Solo's

13 years with the Platinum Solos and time to move on.
They need to be crank up loud to hear its full potential.
Looking for bookshelf size speakers that sound full at high and low volumes.
Was recc to look at the new Revels coming out soon and the Sonus Faber roughly same price.
Any thoughts will be appreciated
What amplifier do you use?
So far, I have been quite pleased with Dynaudio C1 Signature. Upgraded from Proac Response 2.5, now have a more dynamic full sound.

Much more like live music.
I owned Solos, and AAD 2001s. My main speakers now are Selah Tempestas. They give the dynamics of the others, but are wider range, play louder, have even more detail, but are perfectly balanced. SOTA drivers and design. Base price, at $3300, makes them the all time bargain in high end speakers, IMO.