Looking to replace my old Meridian 508.24

In the process of downsizing speakers (going to the Avalon Ascendants from the Thiel 6s) and replacing/upgrading my cd player. My other equipment are the Sonic Frontier Power 3 monoblocks and a conrad johsnson pre-amp.

I currently have an old Meridian 508.24 and am looking for something to replace it is definitely on its last legs.
I bought a 508.24 new in Montreal in 1997 and had it until 2006. After going through a number of CD players, I finally settled up a PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport into a Wyred 4 Sound SE (upgraded by W4S) DAC2. Connected via I2S interface, this is by far the best sounding CD playback rig I have ever heard, either in system or elsewhere. I also use the DAC2 for sometimes USB streamionig and playback from a Macbook Pro. That would be my recommendation for a post 508.24 setting.
I would recommend getting the Sony XA-5400ES and sending it to Modwright to get the Ultimate Truth mod with the tubes.
I'm telling you this combo sounds amazing.
Here's a review. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue51/modwright.htm

Or if you want a really good tube cd player i recommend the
LA Audio PRO-2 Vacuum Tube CD Player
My friend has it and its really good.
Positive Feedback gave it an awesome review.
A dealer in NJ always sells this player for 1600$ on Ebay.

I will second the Arcam FMJ spinners and add NAIM. These are very musical cd players, easy to integrate into any system. Buy one used or demo-they are outstanding!
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
Dkonstruction as a reference I am using the Modwright Sony XA-5400ES with my Avalon Ascendants. I think it's a good match and would work well with the rest of your equipment.