Looking to replace my old Meridian 508.24

In the process of downsizing speakers (going to the Avalon Ascendants from the Thiel 6s) and replacing/upgrading my cd player. My other equipment are the Sonic Frontier Power 3 monoblocks and a conrad johsnson pre-amp.

I currently have an old Meridian 508.24 and am looking for something to replace it is definitely on its last legs.
I used to have one of those. What kind of sound do you like?
Quest For Sound is selling an 808 in mint condition. Do a little haggling and get yourself a great player.
ZD542, i loved the Meridian sound (to my ears very "warm" and "musical") so i'm looking for something in the vein if that makes sense.
Thanks Chayro. Who makes the 808? Didn't see one on the Quest For Sound site but maybe i'm missing it.
sorry, was looking on the Quest For Sound site...didn't realize you meant the Meridian 808 on sale here on Audiogon....somehow don't think haggling will get the price to anywhere near the $3,000 or so i am looking to spend...i'm sure it's a great player but out of my range at this point. thanks though for the suggestion.
I used to own a G08 (original; not the v2). Dumped digital altogether for a while (went all-in down the path of high-end vinyl playback) and now finally got back into it with a NAD M51 DAC -- which I feel is easily superior to the sound I was getting from the G08, and I liked the G08 at the time I had it. The M51 is not warm; it's neutral and detailed but very very smooth which reminds me of my analog setup. The G08 couldn't quite hang with my analog setup, though its sound was tolerable. The M51 isn't quite there either, but it's easily good enough to be downright enjoyable.

You can pair it with a decent transport of your choice and have room to spare for $3K.
"10-09-14: Dkonstruction
ZD542, i loved the Meridian sound (to my ears very "warm" and "musical") so i'm looking for something in the vein if that makes sense."

I know what you are talking about, but to be honest, I wasn't crazy about my 508.24. Maybe it was personal taste, or even poor system matching, or who knows. That said, I think that I can give you a pretty good recommendation. One of my current CD players is an Arcam (FMJ-33). For me, it goes just a bit further than the Meridian. Its a very listenable and musical player, but its a bit more fun to listen to. For me, the Meridian was boring in a bad way, but the Arcam is boring in a good way. If that makes any sense.
Simaudio Neo 260D.

From a former 508.24 owner-
I bought a 508.24 new in Montreal in 1997 and had it until 2006. After going through a number of CD players, I finally settled up a PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport into a Wyred 4 Sound SE (upgraded by W4S) DAC2. Connected via I2S interface, this is by far the best sounding CD playback rig I have ever heard, either in system or elsewhere. I also use the DAC2 for sometimes USB streamionig and playback from a Macbook Pro. That would be my recommendation for a post 508.24 setting.

I will second the Arcam FMJ spinners and add NAIM. These are very musical cd players, easy to integrate into any system. Buy one used or demo-they are outstanding!
Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
I would recommend getting the Sony XA-5400ES and sending it to Modwright to get the Ultimate Truth mod with the tubes.
I'm telling you this combo sounds amazing.
Here's a review. http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue51/modwright.htm

Or if you want a really good tube cd player i recommend the
LA Audio PRO-2 Vacuum Tube CD Player
My friend has it and its really good.
Positive Feedback gave it an awesome review.
A dealer in NJ always sells this player for 1600$ on Ebay.
Dkonstruction as a reference I am using the Modwright Sony XA-5400ES with my Avalon Ascendants. I think it's a good match and would work well with the rest of your equipment.
Thanks to all for the recommendations. I have a question about the Sony with the modwright modifications. I remember from years ago that one of the problems with Sony was that they discontinued parts relatively quickly and it became a problem if you needed the thing fixed. I had a friend who had what was at that time a top of the line Sony reel to reel player and when he had a problem with it he couldn't get the damned thing fixed. Anyone have any more recent experience trying to get a Sony piece serviced?
Dkonstruction I had an older Sony 999ES Modwright before I got the newer Sony 5400. I had the tray sled replaced and got the parts from Sony. it was several years old at that point.
Unavailability of parts is not a uniquely Sony phenomena. Now if audio companies were like Leica, a company that still fully supports the M3 camera that was introduced, what, 60 years ago?
what would you ask for your meridian? I might be interested