Looking to replace my (Mcintosh)

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Looking to replace my (Mcintosh 7100 power amp) with something a little stronger .....small room (12X14 X) 10 foot ceilings.  Speakers are platinum audio solo's and KEf ls50,s.
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Love Platinum Audio Solo's. Those speakers love power. They have just an 84db efficiency. I live just a few miles down the road from where the company was located in Bedford NH. My local dealer sold the Platinum line. I would look at the Parasound A23+ and ideal the Bryston 4B3 or a used 4B SSt2 to save some money. Great speakers but they love power. Best bass response I ever heard out of a monitor. Designer Phil Jones loves getting as much bass as possible out of his speakers. The cost is you need a lot of power.
McIntosh MC 452. Plenty of power and great sound.
Jeff, I feel somewhat qualified to answer as I have owned a mac 7100, and I am a fellow Jeff. I actually miss the punchy lively sound of my old 7100, I ran it with a ARC LS1 and into some Thiel 2.2s, I have fond memories of that system. Anyway that was long ago, I am a huge fan of Wyred4 sound. One of their 250 watt amps will likely get the job done. What preamp are you running?
Thx Jeff
Pre-amp is Mcintosh C-28 but that could change as well
I picked up a Mac 2102 last year it's got lots of power and sounds great. After going to a tube amp you won't go back.
USaudiomart has an Anthem P2 for $1,800.00 right now 325WPC @8ohms, [email protected],[email protected] solid build quality and plenty of power for any speaker.
I’d personally keep the McIntosh amp and buy a more efficient pair of speakers. I’m a Tekton and Zu fan myself, but that’s just my 2 cents.
I originally had a newer Mc Amp (MC152 150x2) pushing my B&W CM10s2 speakers and was a little underwhelmed.    I then found a late 80s MC2500 (500x2) in town for less money and I couldn't be happier.     Granted I have a scar in my leg when I attempted to move it myself.
Other than insufficient power, are you happy with the quality of music reproduction with the 7100 ?
If you want power and finesse, Pass Labs is the best choice in my opinion. 
The new McIntosh Anniversary Amp, 2152, is a 150 per channel.  I call it a tank but it sounds sweet. A great Tube Amp
@luxmancl38 - we must be pretty close I’m in Southern NH. 

I found the LS50’s need a lot of power to get the best out of them. I use to drive them with a Rega Brio-r and always felt it was under powered. I swapped to an ML532 and that made a huge difference. I got rid of both and now have an MC275 and Harbeths, I’d be loathed to ditch my Mc gear, so maybe a 452 would be a good match. 
I have the perfect answer. Get another 7100, strap the pair, bingo 300 watts per channel of Mac power. I felt a little under powered when I changed to my Frank Fazzalari blendover Radian 512/2bs in custom made 60's cabinets but the pair of 7100 have power and that Mac sound.
Get another 7100 and run both of them as mono power amps
Another vote for Pass Labs. My favorite solid state amplification, hands down....
Interesting and timely. After about 25 years I replaced my mc7100 with a restored mc2125 last year. It was a  noticeable improvement. I lamented to the person who did the restoration that I ended up with the 2125 because I couldn’t find an mc7200. He said, “What you really want is an mc7300”. So last month when I saw a nice mc7300 on the Audio Classics website I ordered it. I am incredibly happy with the result. Preamp is a mac c37, speakers are Kef 105/3.

The 2125 now drives my remote speakers. Lotsa blue meters.

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Check out the new Krell Duo 300 XD. This is a pure Class A design that will blow you away in terms of its musicality, sound stage, deep bass and sheer presence. I have had the Krell 400 cx and couldn’t believe a unit that consumed so little power relatively to the old “muscle cars could sound so good. This unit sounds BETTER. I also have the Chorus 5200 for surround sound. They share the same topology. 
and thanks to all who have posted, i have decided to go with the (Mc 72 or 7300) due to physical restraints (room size) .  I might up grade my speakers (patinum audio solo, and KEF LS50) soon, what do you think would be a good match?
7100's bridged are 8 ohm only! Period.