looking to replace ML's temporally

I would like some suggestions on a small cheap but quality bookself to replce my ML Aerius, since I now have a beautiful 3 month old daughter and I know she would just love to climb and pay on m ML Aerius so I plan on boxing them up for 2-3 years as I did with my son, anyways I am looking to spend 2-3 hundred I like the paradigm atom's , but I have read that the Axiom m3's out perform them is this true? Or is the an even better speaker out there in my price range, my amp is an Audio Refinement The Complete, sony cd player with MSB Link 3 Nordost wires, Thanks for any opions,Nick
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Any of those small speakers the Paradigm, B&W 303, New NHT's are good... Mark Levinson sells them at his Red Rose store. Grab a sub whil your at it so you can enjoy something a little closer to full range.
Check out B & W 600 series. They are changing the line and many dealers have deals on what the have in stock.
a set of nht 1.5's are for sale on this site for 275.00.
amazing capabilities. they tolerate shelves and other
boundaries with less complaint than most, too. they are
way beyond atoms and the like sonically. perhaps you'll
find them to be a good investment rather than a temporary
patch job. best wishes.
WHy bother boxing them up? I am sure you could kid-proof the room, and/or teach them not to climb on them. Doubtful everyone w/ nice stuff boxes it up for years - that would be a shame!

Make it work somehow, will be cheaper and better in the long run.
I've had my ML Aerius' for 6+ years with two sons - now 4 and 8 - and had no problems. They are very kid-proof in my opinion. The speakers are in my basement family room where the boys spend a lot of time. Of course, we're not playing with liquids around them, either. That said, I recently picked up a pair of Silverline SR12's for under $500 that I'm using in place of the ML's for now, and I'm enjoying them just as much.
nick: you boxed up your son for 2-3 years? now, i've known a lot of compulsive audiophiles in my time, but that's about as extreme as i've ever heard. ;o) -cfb
perhaps razor-wire or one of those electronic dog-leashes will work.