Looking to replace EAD DSP-7000MKIII

I currently own an EAD DSP-7000MKIII DAC. I really love the sound. Organic, fluid, wide soundstage, musically engaging. I also like that it has HDCD decoding as I have a large number of HDCD discs. The only thing I don't like is that it is limited to 16/44 resolution. With today's hi rez formats being offered, I'd like to find a new DAC that has 24/192 resolution capabilities, and HDCD... if it had DSD even better as I have a number of hi-rez files. If anybody out there has experience with EAD DACs and has since moved on to higher rez DACs.. please let me know your thoughts. Would love to keep the "EAD Sound" but get newer technologies as well. Thanks in advance, The Captain
Hi Captain - I thought I was the last person in the world using the upgraded EAD 7000. Like you, I enjoy its natural organic sound.

Last year I listened to a Naim DAC. I think that it is better than my 7000 (more detail, fuller midrange and better bass) while also having a natural sound - something that Naim is known for. It has a lot of inputs which can take either RCA or BNC. Might be worth it to give one a listen.
Thanks Dave for the suggestion! I had given up on hearing a response from anybody, and decided to take a look again today. I will definitely look around for a dealer to audition.