Looking to replace a CD transport...

Any suggestions, need to replace a transport...?


I'm considering the purchase of a PS Audio PW transport, not the memory player. There are many for sale in the $1,400 range. Does anyone have any better picks in the $1,000-$2,000 range? 

I have an Aesthetix  Mimas integrated with their DAC board.

The Jay's transport is out of my budget!





I have no doubt that the EAR Acute  CDP sounds as you describe. The late Tim Paravicini was indeed a very talented designer/builder of audio electronic components. I strongly suspect that you'll be highly impressed with the Jay's CD transport.


One thing I really appreciate with the Audiolab CDT6000 is that it shuts itself down when I leave the player on pause. The lack of this feature has probably cost me several transports, as I often fall asleep while they were on pause, so could be spinning for days

You may be able to find a used Jay's in that price range or a little above.  Depending on condition, you should be able to get them for $1400 to $1800 with the MK3 upgrade.  But you will need to wait. 

The Cyrus transport is wonderful assuming your CD collection is in pristine condition.  It has minimal error correction which makes it sound stunningly good, but if the disk is not perfect or too thin, it will not work.  

I would love to find an affordable Jay's...Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought the retail was close to $5K on the new Jay's...



Hey Andrew - (dont mean to derail your thread), I dont have any further transports to suggest given the good ones noted before, but I do have an interest in the Mimas and specifically your thoughts on the DAC card.  I have my sights on the Mimas (retirement gift to me...), and have not read/heard much on the DAC.  Thanks in advance.