looking to purchase AT6006 tonearm lift or similar

Hey everyone, I was hoping someone might have one of these for sale or know a friend of a friend that does. Looking to buy it dad for fathers day. Thanks
I have one NOS and one used. vetterone@msn.com
Hey vetterone, I tried emailing you ,maybe you didn't get it. I'm interested in the Nos one. Tasnathen@yahoo.com
Does anyone else have one for sale? I can't seem to get in touch with Vetterone. Thanks guys
Here's one on the bay:


It's in Japan though so you won't get it in time for father's day.
They show up on eBay regularly(at least every other week). Yours is a tight schedule though! This is the only alternative that I've seen: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWeFa69rJs ) Haven't seen the Stylift for sale anywhere lately though. It was manufactured by Monitor Audio.
If you can;t get one on time, wait till the price is 140.00 or less. The one on the bay is way too high. Mine is starting to work when it wants now, but I really like the invention. Good luck.
Thanks for all the responses guys i'll keep checking ebay. 179.00 does seem a little high considering what they cost back in the day. That's supply and demand though.
Not only that, BUT- the one on eBay is in HONG KONG. I wouldn't send a Dime over there, on a bet! I bought two NOS/NIB Safety Raisers(one boxed as a Signet SK501) last year. Each for under $150.00. Both had the original price tag of $19.95(what I paid for my first in 1981), on the box. YES- They are getting more scarce(and more expensive).
My mistake, I thought he was in Japan. Not that it matters to me. I've purchased headshells from foxtan before with no issues. Obviously, YMMV. I see nothing in principle wrong with buying from Hong Kong, especially something like this riser.

Can you elaborate on your strong view, Rodman99999?
Just get off of your lazy ass... just kidding. Don't over pay for something that is very sensitive and can fail at any given time. Wait till there is one on sale at a good price. 179.00 is way too high. Great invention though.
Mr B: Outside of the plethora of inferior & cheaply made counterfeit items, flooding the World from that general area, and their patently obvious disregard for honesty in business? Let's see: ARC's single major reliability problem(over the years) was traced back to this:(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague)Did you notice the, "Industrial Espionage" part of that article? (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/05/19/AR2007051901273.html) (http://economyincrisis.org/content/us-barraged-dangerous-imports-china) (http://lansing.injuryboard.com/defective-and-dangerous-products/amongst-other-dangerous-chinese-imports-atvs-are-added-to-the-list.aspx?googleid=274934) (http://chinaboycott.net/ ) This one especially concerned me: ( http://news.yahoo.com/counterfeit-chinese-parts-slipping-u-military-aircraft-report-135759754--abc-news-topstories.html ) I'm simply saving keystrokes, by posting some current internet items. My own experiences with the crap imported from Southeast Asia/China could fill a good sized tome. As you said, "YMMV!" In general, I just strive to avoid purchasing ANYTHING from that area, whenever possible. The Japanese(for instance), on the other hand, are totally anal about quality control, and their honesty; beyond reproach. Of course; there are exceptions to every rule, and- I am NOT trying to persuade anyone of anything. Just stating my opinion/observations, and answering your question. Happy listening!

No association with the vendor, no experience with the product.

Does anyone have any experience with the Q'up ? I wouldn't imagine needle doc would not have it on their site if it wasn't a good product, and the price is certainly nice. Thanks again for the responses
Thorens made a similar device, also called the Q-up. You might Google it?


Thanks, Rodman. The links are helpful.
Depending on how badly you want an original Safety Raiser: ( http://www.ebay.com/itm/AUDIO-TECHNICA-AT6006-SAFETY-RAISER-ARM-LIFTER-RARE-N-O-S-/110894508938?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item19d1d3eb8a )
I'm starting to second guess the AT raiser now, I'd hate to see it fail and damage my fathers shelter. I think that I'll try out that q'up on needle doctors website and I'll let you guys know how it works out. Again thanks for all the help.
I'm going to try the Q'UP too, since my AT is starting to fail at times. Much better price and a more recent product. It's hard to tell how old AT's really are or how long a new one has sat in the box. The Q'UP's don't look as delicate either. Good luck.
My first Safety Raiser lasted 30yrs. When they wear out; they simply don't lift, or lift quickly(what mine did). Neither will damage an arm or cartridge. I suppose, if I manage to outlive the two I own now; I'll try the Q'UP. Having to use a piece of tape to lock it in place(per the instructions), seems a bit chessy though.
Regards, Rodman99999: No authority on the Q'up, it's my understanding that the auxiliary bases allow for broad matching of arm height, there are serations that couple the base and lifter body for smaller adj.'s. The tape is just added assurance that if the lifter is subjected to an outside force, it will be less likely to lose it's setting.

Do I know this for sure? Nope.

BTW, my "safety raiser" has a mind of it's own, I'm wondering if a drop of silicone fluid to the top of the cylinder might assist in damping the trip lever?

Hello Mr T: Is your trip wire in contact with the tiny magnet(situated between the two wires), when your Raiser is locked down(ready for action), every time? If not; the slightest vibration can trigger it. I had to bend the trip wire(CCW) slightly on mine, to get it to trigger properly/consistantly. They can be somewhat frustrating to set up, at times. Once they are tuned in; they are a joy.
Regards, Rodman 5-9's: Operation a success, thanks for the tip.

@Mr T- No problem(glad it worked). Happy listening!
If anyone is still interested: ( http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=390434477588 ) Probably the best deal I've seen in a while, on the Bay.
Just wondering if anyone actually purchased the Q'up, and what you thought about it if you did?
The Q ups work really well. I have an original one of these from back when Thorens made them, on my Oracle MKV.
They're not as techie looking as the Saftey Raiser, but it has worked for decades...
I had 2 of the AT6006's I liked them, but once they wear out, forget it. The next thing for me will be trying thr Q-UP. Less cost too.