Looking to purchase a new Reciever and I need some help!

Hello all,
I recently upgraded my B&W 685 S2 and HTM61 S1 to B&W 705 S2 with a HTM 72 S2. Quite a substantial upgrade and I absolutely LOVE the speakers. That being said I believe I'm losing some audio quality/performance through my receiver.
I am currently using a Denon AVR-1300.

-I'm looking for a receiver that provides the absolute best audio quality; primarily seeking music quality but the speakers/reciever will also be for movies/tv.-I'd like something that EVENTUALLY can sufficiently power a set of towers like the 702 S2's. Once I relocate to a bigger home I'll more than likely upgrade again-Budget somewhere between $400-$1400 (and I would consider buying used/refurbished/open box)
How does everyone feel about the new Yamaha RX-A 80? I don't believe I'll have a need for wireless speaker capability though.
Cheers and thank you all.

 You loose money when you keep upgrading. I would seriously look at the Yamaha A-S2100. This is one of their latest Natural Sounds components and it sounds superb. Ridiculously good for the money and the build quality is excellent. There are a couple of new ones on Ebay for 2295.00. You might be able to find a used one cheaper. If you have to save up and wait until you move to upgrade, than I would. I know someone who has one with the matching CD player and I was amazed at how good they were.

The Newer Outlaw receivers will do it for you,  a lot of bang for the buck and truly get you into the audiophile arena with a receiver. 
another option is a restored vintage piece. Sansui, Marantz, Luxman, Acuphase to name a few good vintage brands. do some research you may find this is a good way to get a bigger bang for your buck.
@timlub Thank you for the response! Is there any specific model?
@lostbears Thank you for the input! You're absolutely right I lose money when upgrading that's why I'm looking for a receiver that can power some tower speakers in the future.
Rotel and Bowers / Willkins engineered and voiced great together.
   Best JohnnyR
@audioconnection Any specific model? Most of what I find when looking up Rotel is pre-amps.
Outlaw RR2160,  Goes for about $500 used... $900 new
How does everyone feel about Marantz receivers?
@timlub Looking into that one now. I've read some great things. Wish it came in black.

Any opinions on Marantz SR6012?
Marantz made some great stuff I'm not the one to ask on particular models but I think your going the right direction. try in vintage audio you may get more replys there.
A vintage receiver such as a Marantz or Yamaha, etc. will get you high quality sound for 2 channel audio. They have better build quality and power than today’s receivers, but do not have the features for HT such as 7.1 or digital capability.

The advice I can give you when choosing a modern receiver for HT is to look at its power supply. Many of these new receivers use a small PS or a SMPS (switch mode power supply) which is a digital device and is capable of powering all the functions including video, but does not have clean high power to produce quality audio.

The higher priced receivers may have a torroidal power supply with some balls to to produce quality audio and not just features for HT.
You need to read the specs and reviews.
And many receivers can produce high wattage, it’s the quality of that power with low noise and distortion that’s important.

@lowrider57 Thank you for the detailed response! I'd love to at one point own a vintage receiver/amp as well as an AVR.
I've read some good things about the Marantz 6012; and I found on amazon they're currently $600.00 OFF the retail price which is a big selling point for me.
Another option is to find a good 2 channel integrated amp within your budget that has HT Bypass.  Generally speaking, at that price point you'll get much better music reproduction with a 2 channel amp than with a HT receiver.  Connect your AVR's pre-outs (or zone 2 outs) to the HT Bypass input for the integrated, and use the integrated for music.  There's lots of great integrated amps in your price range, with features depending on your preferences.
Any specific model? Most of what I find when looking up Rotel is pre-amps.
 Any late Rotel receiver these have what it takes to get the best out of your system.
 Best JohnnyR
another thing to consider if you need a HT pass through is most older recievers will have a tape loop that can be used as a HT Pass through.